Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Expertise Of The Yemeni Jewish Jewellers

Because of this, almost all of the Yemenite Jews are now living in Israel. A very small community still remains in Yemen, and they resist to leave the country as they feel it´s their homeland.
In Yemen, silver jewelry is directly related to the old communities of Jews. The most famous Jewish techniques are the filigree Yemeni silver, and granulation work. The use of these styles of jewelry is noted way back in the ancient times of King Salomon and Queen Sheba.
The silver jewels from Jewish silversmiths are done for their people as well as to the other populations like the Muslim population. The work of these craftsmen is adapted to the symbolic shapes, and the wearer of the jewelry. These jewelry makers have been consistently making unique pieces. Way back in the 20th century, these silversmiths favored the granulation process. This is when they are use tiny beads of silver in order to further enhance the surface of the accessories. Because of granulation work, this creates grape shapes that give a strong character to these pieces.
Basically, Yemeni Jewish silversmiths used globe combinations, cylinders, kutubs and beads of red coral for protection of the woman and children. The most exquisite filigree was made in Yemen by these jewelers. For this technique, the maker of the jewelry utilizes thin silver lines in order to come up with outstanding and delicate styles. The shapes made out of this design are mostly flowers, leaves and other intricate styles and natural designs. The Bawsani ´s was a very famous family of jewelers of Yemen in past centuries. Their antiques pieces show most of the times the hallmark of the artist in Arabic script.
As of today, the value of the antique yemeni jewels as heritage grows more and more. The uniqueness of the designs, plus the emigration of the jewish jewellres a long time ago, makes these pieces a truly treasure to collect. These antique yemeni pieces are very much well known for its one of a kind workmanship. The decoration in each jewel shows the excellence of the workmanship, you will be amazed with the delicacy of this ethnic pieces.
However, you have to make sure you are dealing with the right provider of antique jewellery. Once you have made the right decision according this matter, you will be able to get the best and the most unique antique

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